General Corporate And Corporate Governance

The formation and governance of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other legal entities is at the very heart of the global marketplace and of our practice.  We frequently counsel start-up companies to select the appropriate initial legal entity structure.  As operations grow, we provide advice on the increasingly complex rules and regulations that confront businesses. In many cases, we serve as outside general counsel to our clients or as an extension to our client’s in-house legal teams, providing timely legal, strategic, and practical advice to assist them with the questions that arise in their businesses.
Off-shore companies establishing a subsidiary, affiliate, or joint venture in the United States face additional governance and compliance issues.  Failure to correctly structure and maintain a U.S. outpost can create adverse tax and non-tax consequences for the off-shore parent company. We advise many off-shore companies on such issues and assist in maintaining compliance with applicable federal and state legal and regulatory requirements.
Group of employees in a meeting in a boardroomGroup of employees in a meeting in a boardroom